Pacific Cast Products is an aluminum foundry making castings with four methods: permanent mold, permanent tilt mold, dry sand mold, and green sand mold. Castings made are used in commercial, sports, automotive, marine, government, aerospace, and other applications.

Aluminum is used in many applications because of its corrosion resistance, light weight, strength, and reasonable cost.

The Process: As a foundry, we provide casting services. We enjoy performing the centuries old method of using fire in a concentrated form to heat aluminum past its melting point and then pouring the molten aluminum into a mold. The method precedes the metal by many years since aluminum wasn't used commercially until the late 19th century. Molding methods have remained much the same, although science has added efficiency and complexity. And, while in many facilities there is still considerable manual labor in the manufacture of castings, automation has also had a major impact.

Quality System: Pacific Cast Products has a full quality system in place. We are registered to AS9100D.

Tooling Required: The most important component in the casting process is the tooling used to make the casting. The quality and accuracy of the tooling used is a major factor in the quality and accuracy of the casting that is produced. A good tool is also easy to use and performs well repeatedly. Making a good tool often involves many skilled professionals including: engineers, pattern-makers, tool-and-die machinists, quality engineers, and foundry workers. Since it is possible for a tool to make as many as 15,000 or more castings, it is worth the effort to design and build a good tool.

If your project can benefit from an aluminum casting, please contact us. We will be happy to provide input into you project and quote the supply of castings.

520 S. Palmetto Avenue Ontario, CA 91762
E-mail: sales@pacificcastproducts.com Phone: (562) 633-6673
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