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An Aluminum Casting Foundry Providing Casting Services to Many Industries

We pride ourselves with many years of experience in making premium quality castings. Our ongoing success at supplying to demanding customers under great scrutiny is our highest testament. Castings made are used in commercial, sports, automotive, marine, government, aerospace, and other applications. Aluminum is used in many applications because of its corrosion resistance, light weight, strength and reasonable cost. As a foundry, we enjoy performing the centuries old method of using fire in a concentrated form to heat aluminum past its melting point and then pouring the molten aluminum into a mold. The method precedes the metal by many years since aluminum wasn't used commercially until the late 19th Century. Molding methods have remained much the same, although science has added efficiency and complexity, and while in many facilities there is still considerable manual labor in the manufacture of castings, automation has also had a major impact.

  • Iron Molds and Tools Manually Poured

  • Tilting Furnace with Iron Molds and Tools Attached

  • Bonded Sand with Molds and Tools

  • Compacted Sand Formed with Iron Molds and Tools

Like to work with fire? We have work to do!


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ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D CERTIFIED

Pacific Cast Products has a full Quality System in place. In January 2018, we have received certification for ISO 9001:2015 AND AS9100 Rev. D standards
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